Al Dhahirah Tourism Festival Attracts Over 47,000 Visitors


The Al Dhahirah Tourism Festival has seen a significant turnout of over 47,000 visitors within just six days of its launch. The festival, which began on February 15, 204, has been well-received by people from Al Dhahirah Governorate, as well as other regions of Oman and neighboring countries. 

Governor Najib bin Ali Al-Rawas highlighted the festival's diverse daily programs that showcase Omani culture and traditions through activities like the heritage village, cultural theaters, and performances by popular bands. He emphasized that the festival aims to benefit the local community beyond tourism, providing opportunities for small and medium enterprises, productive families, job seekers, rural women, and youth to develop their skills and expertise for future endeavors.

Al-Rawas elucidated that the festival plays a vital role in revitalizing the overall commercial activity within the governorate for both individuals and institutions.

The festival schedule, which will run until March 6, 2024, is brimming with a plethora of events and activities. These include folk arts, captivating horse show segments, engaging heritage village activities, the enchanting Smurfs village, and vibrant carnival shows. Moreover, attendees can indulge in circus performances, diverse theatrical acts tailored for both adults and children, mesmerizing laser shows, and thrilling daily competitions. Additionally, there will be a consumer exhibition showcasing an array of children's toys and various corners to explore.

It is important to highlight that the morning period of the festival, from 10 am until 1 pm, is exclusively dedicated to women and school students. This segment aims to provide an enriching experience for students by acquainting them with the festival's components, popular heritage, and craftsmanship.


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