Oman Stresses Need To Implement Ceasefire In Gaza


Oman emphasized the importance of enforcing the Security Council's resolution for a prompt and lasting ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. The statement was made by Idris bin Abdulrahman al Khanjari, the Permanent Representative of Oman to the United Nations and international organizations, during the 55th session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. Al Khanjari condemned Israel's actions in Gaza, including genocide, expulsion, destruction, deliberate starvation, and other war crimes.

In Oman's official statement, Al Khanjari emphasized that the ongoing collective punishment and genocide represent a dangerous escalation in a criminal action that has persisted for over 70 years. Al Khanjari highlighted that if the international community had genuinely united their efforts, this situation could have been prevented long ago. Oman fully supports Francesca Albanese, the Special Rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, who faces pressures and obstacles along with other officials who choose to uphold the truth. Al Khanjari also expressed Oman's agreement with the Special Rapporteur's findings and recommendations. 

Furthermore, Al Khanjari underscored that the magnitude of the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces challenges the effectiveness of the human rights system, leaving us all as witnesses to these horrific acts. Despite this, there is a lack of facilitation for aid entry to Gaza, assistance for the hungry, protection for hospitals and medical teams, and even the safeguarding of United Nations facilities and representatives, as Al Khanjari pointed out.

He emphasized that Oman urges the global community to break the silence, mitigate the humanitarian crisis, and prevent genocide by halting arms supplies to Israel. Oman also called for the use of political and economic sanctions to deter aggression, as well as demanded compensation for Palestinians affected by Israel's actions.


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