Oman-Italy Business Matchmaking Forum: Strengthening Economic Ties And Fostering Innovation


The Oman Italian Friendship Association (OIFA) is set to organize the inaugural Oman-Italy Business Matchmaking Forum in Muscat.

Taking place on the 28th and 29th of April, the Forum will bring together Italian investors and provide a platform for Omani and Italian businesses to discover new opportunities, exchange ideas, and establish lasting partnerships.

In line with goals of economic growth, diversification, and international cooperation, the event showcases OIFA's dedication to promoting knowledge sharing and enhancing economic ties between the two nations, serving as a key component of the Association's annual strategic efforts.

Salma Al Hashmi, a Board Member of the Oman Italian Friendship Association, emphasized the significance of the Oman-Italy Business Matchmaking Forum as a vital link between the two economies.

This year's event will see participation from a wide range of industries such as food and agriculture, manufacturing, real estate, fashion, hospitality, sustainable circular economy, design, and engineering. OIFA encourages Omani businesses to actively engage in the forum to seize the opportunities presented. The diverse representation promises to unlock new possibilities and nurture enduring partnerships, underscoring the commitment to mutual success and innovation.

Leading up to the Forum, OIFA has mobilized a team of experts from various sectors and authorities to promote bilateral trade and partnerships. This collaborative effort is poised to act as a catalyst for fostering strong and sustainable business relationships between Omani and Italian investors.


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