Ministry Celebrates World Autism Awareness Day In Dhofar Governorate


Salalah: The Autism Unit of Al Wafa Centre for Persons with Disability in Salalah, under the Directorate General of Social Development in Dhofar Governorate, organized a celebration on Tuesday as part of the World Autism Awareness Day festivities.

The event took place at Sultan Qaboos Youth Complex for Culture and Recreation in Salalah, with the patronage of Hamid bin Awadh, a member of Majlis Al Shura representing the Wilayat of Salalah, among others.

Omaia bint Hasan Al Nahdi, the Head of Al Wafa Centre in Salalah, emphasized that the Sultanate of Oman places great importance on individuals with disabilities. This is evident through the establishment of specialized government Al Wafa centres and the provision of services through private centers.

She further highlighted that the Autism Unit in Salalah caters to the needs of this particular group. The unit adheres to international standards and is staffed by a specialized national medical team.

The celebration featured various sections and included a video presentation showcasing the Autism Unit at Al Wafa Centre.


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