Dhofar Municipality Upgrading Tourism Infrastructure In Mirbat

Dhofar Municipality Upgrading Tourism Infrastructure In Mirbat

The Wilayat of Mirbat in Dhofar Governorate is currently undergoing various development projects led by Dhofar Municipality. These projects encompass enhancements to tourism sites, road infrastructure, lighting systems, and rainwater drainage, amounting to a total cost exceeding OMR3.5 million.

The progress of construction work on these projects varies, with completion rates at 98 percent for Al Damar Beach Project, 85 percent for Aghbeer Beach Project, and 43 percent for Mirbat Dual Road Project.

Dr. Abdullah bin Mohammed Ba’awein, Director General of the Directorate General of Projects and Technical Affairs at Dhofar Municipality, highlighted that the primary objective of these projects is to enhance the road network, lighting, landscaping, and tourism sites across the wilayats of Dhofar Governorate.

Key projects include the 3.5-kilometer Mirbat Dual Road Project, the wastewater network, and three road exchange signals, with an estimated cost of OMR1.690 million, expected to be completed by the first quarter of 2025.

The development of Aghbeer Beach is seen as a significant advancement in entertainment projects within the wilayat, featuring walkways, public facilities, restaurants, and other amenities at a cost of OMR932,000, with an 85 percent completion rate.

Moreover, the Al Damar Project in the Wilayat of Mirbat, carried out by Dhofar Municipality in collaboration with the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, involves the creation of a distinctive beach site with seating areas, landscaping, public facilities, restaurants, children's play areas, and public parking lots, among other amenities. The project cost is approximately OMR 617,000, with completion of works reaching 98 percent.


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