Oman Participates In Arab Parliament Meeting

Oman Participates In Arab Parliament Meeting

Cairo: The Council of Oman, representing the Sultanate, actively participated in the 4th general session of the fourth convening of the third legislative term of the Arab Parliament, which took place at the Headquarters of the Secretariat General of the Arab League on Saturday.

During this session, the Arab Parliament focused on discussing various political, security, and social issues in the Arab region. The agenda included reports from the permanent and sub-committees, which highlighted the developments in these areas.

One of the reports that received significant attention was the report of the Palestine Committee. The Arab Parliament expressed its concern and dedication towards the Palestinian cause, particularly in light of the challenging conditions in the Gaza Strip. These conditions have resulted in numerous casualties, injuries, and displacement of individuals from their homes.

The Sultanate actively participated in the committee meetings leading up to the general session. These meetings provided an opportunity to discuss the latest political, social, security, and legislative developments in the Arab region. The Sultanate emphasized its commitment to contributing to the stability, growth, and integration of the Arab World.

Under the leadership of Adel Abdulrahman Al Asoomi, President of the Arab Parliament, the session was conducted with the presence of parliament members. Representing the Sultanate were Dr. Talib bin Hilal Al Hosni from the State Council, Saria bint Khalfan Al Hadi from the State Council, and Humaid bin Ali Al Nasseri from Majlis A’Shura.


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