Knowledge Oman's Donation Initiative Brings Smiles To SQUH’s Cancer Ward


Muscat: Knowledge Oman recently embarked on a heartwarming mission to bring joy and hope to cancer patients at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

The event, organized under the theme "spreading joy and hope," was a collaborative effort with Techno Plastic Industry (Techno) and a team of dedicated volunteers. Knowledge Oman Founder, Tariq Hilal Al Barwani, along with the volunteers, were present at the center.

"We strongly believe in the power of compassion and human connection to make a difference in people's lives. This year, collaborating with Techno, a like-minded organization, has allowed us to amplify our contribution and impact, especially in the healthcare industry. Together, we were able to bring moments of joy and comfort to cancer patients, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey," said Balqees Al Hassani, President of Knowledge Oman.

The initiative aimed to uplift spirits and provide a moment of respite for patients undergoing treatment. The Knowledge Oman team toured the cancer ward, learning about the care and treatment provided. They expressed their gratitude and admiration for the dedication and commitment of the hospital staff to the well-being of the children.

Furthermore, the Knowledge Oman team engaged in various activities, including interactive games, a magic show, and heartfelt conversations. These activities created an atmosphere of positivity and encouragement within the cancer ward. Over hundreds of gifts were distributed to children, caregivers, and medical staff.

Omar Al Bahri, the Techno Commercial General Manager, expressed that the partnership with Knowledge Oman demonstrates a shared dedication to community service and making a significant impact on the lives of individuals facing challenges. By combining our resources and expertise, we were able to create a memorable experience for patients and their families.

Since 2019, Knowledge Oman has been actively involved in various projects aimed at spreading love, care, and support to children, the elderly, and those in need. We have visited hospitals like Sultan Qaboos University Hospital to distribute gifts to children, supported the Al Noor Blind Association in setting up their IT infrastructure, and assisted in setting up computers at the Children Library in Muscat and Musanah. 

Additionally, we have spent time with the elderly at locations such as the Rustaq house, while also providing educational materials to academic institutions like the University of Nizwa, the German University of Technology, and the Middle East College of Information Technology. Furthermore, Knowledge Oman organizes the Iftar Siam project, which involves distributing food to needy families during Ramadan.

In line with His Majesty's vision of transforming the country into a knowledge society, Knowledge Oman continues to collaborate with private and government organizations to provide workshops, seminars, and training programs. This is our ongoing effort to support the nation's journey towards becoming a knowledge-driven society.


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