Khoula Hospital Performs First Of Its Kind Spine Surgery For Young Omani Girl

Khoula Hospital Performs First Of Its Kind Spine Surgery For Young Omani Girl

Muscat: Khoula Hospital's specialized medical team has achieved a significant milestone in the Sultanate of Oman by successfully performing a groundbreaking operation to stabilize and correct the spine of a young Omani girl suffering from scoliosis. This innovative procedure involved the use of extendable magnetic rods along the length of the spine, and it lasted for a duration of 4 hours.

Dr. Sultan bin Saif bin Ali Al Kalbani, the head of the spine unit at Khoula Hospital and a renowned consultant orthopedic and spine surgeon, led the medical team responsible for this remarkable feat. Dr. Al Kalbani explained that the extendable rods are adjusted every 3 months in the clinic using a remote control device.

According to Dr. Al Kalbani, this type of treatment represents a significant advancement in the management of scoliosis in children. It not only prevents the condition from worsening but also minimizes its impact on vital organs like the lungs. Furthermore, this approach preserves the growth of the spine and eliminates the need for repeated surgeries.

Previously, patients with this specific type of scoliosis had to seek treatment abroad since such operations were not available in the Sultanate of Oman. Dr. Al Kalbani emphasized the complexity of performing this procedure.

In addition to the spine stabilization operation, the medical team at Khawla Hospital also accomplished another groundbreaking procedure by removing cartilage from the nerve canal using the laparoscopic technique without connecting the vertebrae. Dr. Al Kalbani explained that this type of cartilage removal typically required traditional methods involving the connection and stabilization of the vertebrae.

Dr. Al Kalbani highlighted the introduction of arthroscopic surgeries for the spine in the day unit at Khoula Hospital as a significant advancement. This development contributes to the swift recovery of patients, enabling them to resume their normal lives and reducing waiting lists.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Kalbani emphasized the importance of raising awareness about scoliosis, its symptoms, and early detection. Scoliosis, characterized by a lateral tilt of the spine, is often diagnosed during adolescence.

Dr. Rashid bin Mohammed Al Alawi, the Director General of the General Directorate of Khoula Hospital, emphasized that scoliosis can have both genetic and unknown causes. He further explained that the severity of the condition can vary, with some cases remaining relatively simple while others worsen as the child grows, potentially leading to disability. This is due to the bending of the spine, which reduces the space inside the chest and affects lung function.

The most noticeable symptoms of scoliosis, as highlighted by Al Kalbani, include uneven shoulders, one shoulder blade protruding more than the other, an uneven waist, one hip being higher than the other, protrusion on one side of the rib cage, and the back appearing uneven when leaning forward.

Dr. Al Alawi emphasized that the ability to provide advanced treatment for scoliosis within Oman instead of sending patients abroad reflects the successful investment in the country's medical infrastructure. This achievement is made possible by the presence of highly qualified medical professionals at Khoula Hospital who are capable of performing complex surgical operations.

He further stated that this success serves as a foundation for future accomplishments, aiming to provide advanced healthcare that meets the needs of society and ensures the well-being of patients.


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