Adam’s Antiquities Expo Features Cultural Treasures

Adam’s Antiquities Expo Features Cultural Treasures

The exhibition 'Eye on Adam's Antiquities' was inaugurated on Thursday by Shaikh Sultan bin Hilal bin Hamdan al Alawi, Deputy Wali of Adam, at a multipurpose hall in the Wali's office. This event coincides with World Heritage Day and will run until April 25. The main objective of this year's exhibition, titled 'Discover and Experience Diversity', is to shed light on the cultural and historical aspects of the region. It also aims to introduce the local community and antiquities enthusiasts to the archaeological discoveries made through collaborative efforts between the ministry and foreign archaeological missions.

The exhibition features a wide range of archaeological artifacts from three sites in the wilayat, with a particular focus on the Al Midmar site, which dates back to the Iron Age. Among the showcased findings are bronze weapons, arrowheads, daggers, and axes.

One notable exhibit is a memorial that showcases rock drawings depicting a man and a woman engaged in religious rituals. This significant discovery was made at the Ras al Jabal site.

Furthermore, the exhibition includes an archaeological site featuring a castle that houses ancient graves from the early Bronze Age to the late Iron Age.

Alongside the exhibition, a scientific workshop will be held for specialists and individuals interested in antiquities. This workshop will take place at the heritage and tourism administration building in Nizwa on Sunday. It will delve into various scientific working papers, focusing on the cultural heritage law.

On Monday, participants will have the opportunity to visit the archaeological sites of Bisyah and Salut as part of the programme. This tour aims to enhance their understanding of these sites, their significance, and reinforce the knowledge gained during the workshop. It serves as a practical experience to emphasize the importance of archaeological evidence within the governorate.


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