Oman Hosts Seminar On Tsunami Inundation, Evacuation Plans

Oman Hosts Seminar On Tsunami Inundation, Evacuation Plans

Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman is currently hosting a regional workshop titled "Modelling inundation from tsunami waves and preparing evacuation plans for the northwest Indian Ocean". The workshop, organized by the National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Centre at the Civil Aviation Authority, is a 5-day event that began in Muscat on Sunday. It has attracted 70 participants from countries in the northwest Indian Ocean region, as well as representatives from the National Committee for Emergency Management, the Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance, academics from Sultan Qaboos University, and international experts and observers.

The main focus of the workshop is to discuss tsunamis, early warning methods, and public awareness. It is part of the Northwest Indian Ocean Enhanced Tsunami Warning project, which is jointly undertaken by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Indian Ocean and the UNESCO's Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

During the workshop, participants will work on creating inundation reference maps and drafting preliminary evacuation plans. The workshop also aims to promote effective community response to tsunamis, aligning with the objectives of UNESCO's "Decade of the Oceans" tsunami programme. The ultimate goal is to achieve 100 percent preparedness in communities exposed to tsunamis by 2030.

The recommendations that will be generated from the workshop are expected to provide modern methods and practices for evacuation plans before and after tsunamis and other disasters. These recommendations will serve as guidelines for national and regional centers, helping them effectively handle disasters and respond promptly to warnings.


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