Israel's Use Of Precision Bombs Could Be A War Crime

Israel's Use Of Precision Bombs Could Be A War Crime

According to the UN Human Rights Office, Israel has failed to adequately prioritize the safeguarding of civilians while employing precision-guided bombs in the Gaza war. Volker Türk, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated in Geneva that Israel's bombing campaign consistently disregarded the obligation to choose warfare tactics that minimize civilian harm, if not completely avoid it.

Between October 9 and December 2, the office has conducted an investigation into six instances of Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip. The investigation revealed that the attacks involved the use of GBU-31, GBU-32, and GBU-39 bombs, which possess the capability to penetrate concrete and cause extensive damage to multiple floors of buildings. The targets of these attacks included residential buildings, a school, a refugee camp, and a market, resulting in a tragic loss of at least 218 lives.

According to the United Nations agency, an area with a diameter of 130 meters was impacted by an attack involving nine GBU-31 bombs on December 2. The destruction resulted in the destruction of 15 residential buildings and damage to 14 others. The regulations outlined in international humanitarian law emphasize the importance of minimizing harm to civilian facilities during combat situations. When combatants are suspected to be present, attacking forces must carefully consider whether the potential gains outweigh the damage caused.

The report highlights that the mere presence of terrorists or individuals linked to the massacres in Israel on October 7 within a building does not justify targeting the entire neighborhood in an attack. It also points out that Israel's use of explosive weapons in Gaza since October 7, particularly in densely populated areas, has not been successful in distinguishing between civilians and combatants. The report further suggests that these actions could potentially amount to crimes against humanity.

The report additionally censures armed Palestinian organizations for firing projectiles towards Israel that endanger civilians. The UN Office for Human Rights stresses the necessity of refraining from positioning military equipment or personnel in densely populated areas. — dpa.


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