Smart Home Project For Residential Apartments, Smart Offices Launched


Muscat: The Smart Home project for smart residential apartments and offices in Al Ghala Heights, opposite Madinat Al Irfan, was inaugurated under the auspices of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Salem Al Said by Al Faiha Development Company. This pioneering real estate endeavor offers guaranteed investment opportunities with comprehensive smart specifications in its residential units. Residents can control their homes remotely via mobile devices, and artificial intelligence is integrated within the building to provide essential services for families, including childcare, a private cinema, laundry facilities, taxi services, morning coffee preparation, and other unique smart amenities.

During the press conference at the launch event at the W Hotel, Sheikh Saud bin Hamad Al Ta’i, Chairman of Al Faiha’s Board of Directors, expressed delight and pride in this momentous occasion. He emphasized that the smart residential apartments represent the company's commitment to delivering a unique living experience by combining comfort and technology to create a sustainable and secure environment for all residents.

Sheikh Saud bin Hamad Al Ta’i further stated that this project goes beyond being just a residential building; it is a realization of a futuristic vision. The aim is to provide residents with comfort and convenience through the latest technologies in artificial intelligence within real estate development.

The Smart Home project in Al Ghala Heights sets a new standard for smart buildings, boasting a wide range of unique and sophisticated features. With a sprawling area of 13,000 square meters, the project consists of nine floors, a penthouse, parking facilities, and various residential units of different sizes.

In addition, the project includes a commercial mall spanning 5,000 square meters, upscale restaurants, a temperature-controlled swimming pool, and a comprehensive health club, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable environment for residents.

The integration of smart apartments into the project concept is a key aspect, allowing residents to enjoy cutting-edge technologies that enhance their quality of life. These smart features aim to create a sustainable and intelligent living environment, promoting a high standard of living and providing a secure and comfortable lifestyle. The project offers an all-encompassing residential experience, catering to entertainment, marketing, and sports facilities to meet the diverse needs of families.

Sheikh Saud bin Hamad Al Ta’i, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al Faiha Development Company (the project developer), emphasized that the project aligns with the Sultanate's 2040 income diversification plan. He affirmed that upon completion, the Smart Home project will have a positive impact on both the economic and social spheres. The private sector's significant role in supporting the country's tourism and real estate infrastructure development is a source of pride, as it contributes to the efforts of promoting tourism and advancing real estate development.

This investment project in the Sultanate of Oman is truly groundbreaking, as it seamlessly combines luxury and technology. Our aim is to create an extraordinary residential experience that perfectly blends comfort and innovation in the realm of smart residential apartments and offices.

Once completed, this project will become an architectural masterpiece, harmoniously merging modern designs with authentic Omani architecture.

Tariq bin Mohammed Al Farsi, the CEO of Al Faiha Development Company, emphasized that this project strikes a perfect balance between commercial and residential aspects. A significant portion of the project, spanning over 5,000 square meters, will be dedicated to a smart commercial mall designed to meet the specifications of global brands. Additionally, the residential and service units will cover an expansive area of 13,000 square meters.

To ensure the utmost quality, the project will be equipped with top-notch integrated services that adhere to the highest international standards. It will also embrace future technological advancements. The project will feature state-of-the-art communication networks and a variety of parking facilities, including over 800 spaces distributed underground and in front of residential units. The commercial mall, offices, and residential units will be interconnected, creating a cohesive environment that offers an attractive place to live, work, and shop all under one roof.


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