AI Revolutionising Oman’s Industrial Sector Landscape


The Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion (MoCIIP) in Oman is leading the way in transforming the industrial sector by embracing artificial intelligence (AI) and factory automation technologies.

This initiative, focused on boosting productivity, competitiveness, and sustainability, represents a significant milestone in Oman's journey towards economic diversification and technological progress.

Operating under the theme of 'Factory Automation and Artificial Intelligence', MoCIIP is dedicated to equipping private sector organizations with state-of-the-art technologies to enhance efficiency and foster innovation in manufacturing operations.

Mazin Al Siyabi, Director of Technical Assistance at Oman’s Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Investment Promotion, highlighted the crucial role of AI and automation in Oman's industrial development.

"AI and factory automation are indispensable for the growth of Oman's industrial sector," Al Siyabi stated, underscoring their potential to improve efficiency and competitiveness.

Al Siyabi emphasized that initiatives such as 'Factory Automation and Artificial Intelligence' are designed to propel Omani industries forward.

"Providing our workforce with automation skills is essential," he pointed out, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with academia and the private sector.

The ministry aims to position Oman as a leading investment destination by recognizing the pivotal role of advancements in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This initiative includes two pathways: one focusing on new factories built with high efficiency standards, and the other encouraging existing facilities to integrate advanced technologies for operational excellence. 

Key stakeholders in the industrial sector have praised these efforts, acknowledging the positive impact of supportive policies and strategic interventions on sectoral growth. Initiatives like the Value-Added Localisation Programme and the 'Made in Oman' platform highlight Oman's commitment to creating a favorable environment for industrial development and promoting locally manufactured products. 

Professor Ghassan Al Kindi, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation at Sohar University, emphasized the importance of AI and automation in enhancing productivity, quality, and competitiveness. He also emphasized the need for collaboration between academia, vocational training institutes, and businesses to equip Omani professionals with the necessary skills for success in the era of automation.

Ahmed Al Barwani, Chairman of the Sectorial Skills Unit for the Industrial Sector under the Omani Industrialists Association, emphasized the unit’s crucial role in improving workforce skills and promoting a competitive industrial environment. By implementing skills accreditation programs and working closely with different partners, the unit aims to address the changing needs of the industrial sector and contribute to economic development.

Industry figures such as Hilal Al Hosni, CEO of Cimat Global, and Abdul Hakeem Al Qasmi, Acting Managing Director of Sohar Sulphur Fertilizers, highlighted the significant impact of AI and automation in streamlining production processes, minimizing waste, and boosting profitability.

As Oman marks its Industrial Day, the collaborative efforts of the government and industry players underscore the country’s dedication to fostering sustainable industrial growth through innovation and strategic alliances.

With a well-defined vision and a cooperative strategy, Oman is well-positioned to establish itself as a center of innovation and industrial excellence in the region.


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