Ramadhan Nights Golden Chance To Be With Allah

Ramadhan Nights Golden Chance To Be With Allah

Hatim bin Harith al Abdissalaam, a life coach and member of the Islamic Information Centre in Oman, highlights the significance of the nights of Ramadhan. These nights are special as they provide an opportunity for deep reflection and prayer, allowing individuals to connect with the divine. 

After the Isha prayers, the Taraweeh prayer marks the beginning of the night's spiritual journey. This is followed by the Tahajud prayer, which typically starts around 2 am. In some mosques, this prayer may begin at 3 am and extend until 4 to 4:30 am. 

Hatim emphasizes the importance of the Tahajud prayer, noting that it is reserved for those who are spiritually inclined and dedicated to their faith. It requires immense courage and sacrifice to wake up in the early hours of the morning and engage in solitary worship. This practice is not widely followed, but those who do participate often find themselves overwhelmed with emotion, seeking forgiveness for their sins and shortcomings in the presence of Allah.

In Islam, seeking forgiveness is a personal and direct act towards Allah, without the need for intermediaries. The recitation of the Holy Quran serves as a powerful reminder that Allah is communicating directly with us through His words, evoking strong emotions and deepening our spirituality.

Hatim emphasizes that this is a precious opportunity, as Allah has promised to answer the prayers of those who call upon Him during specific times. He encourages everyone, including himself, to incorporate this prayer into their Ramadan routine, as it will greatly enhance their spiritual journey throughout this sacred month. While many people stay awake late at night for various reasons such as dining out or engaging in sports, Hatim reminds us to prioritize our actions. 

Ramadan only occurs once a year, and those who are no longer with us may have wished for another chance to fast during this blessed month. Therefore, instead of wasting time in unproductive activities, let us utilize these nights for meaningful prayers and supplications to Allah, as Ramadan is a time for spiritual growth and devotion.


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